Binding logics in art


  • Sílvia Pinto Universidade Lusófona do Porto
  • Moisés de Lemos Martins Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade, Universidade do Minho



Aesthetics, image-picture, magic-mimesis-language, media image, visual arts


The work of art produced in its origins was only much later recognized as such. Similarly, the artistic function of current art objects in the future may become accidental again. In fact, at no time has art ever answered exclusively to aesthetic demands. From these assumptions by Walter Benjamin (1936-1939/1992), we will attempt to apply to art the concepts of “binding” (original of ethology) and of “linking networks” (used in neuroscience) to explain distinctive aspects of image metaphysics, shared by art and religion. From a historical perspective, we will attempt to show the evolution of art in three main binding logics: art as a magical activity (also in relation to index logic); art as mimesis; and art as language. The image, or rather the multiple realities we call “image”, takes each one of these links, in an exchanging or simultaneous way, since image is their heiress. Taking into account the present context of media images hypervisibility, we aim, with this study, to show the importance of art and its mythical-religious ascendance in what concerns media image redefinition.


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Pinto, S., & Martins, M. de L. (2017). Binding logics in art. Comunicação E Sociedade, 31, 271–286.



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