A transpiração do quotidiano ou os poros do real mediático


  • Philippe Joron Departamento de Sociologia da Université Paul-Valéry – Montpellier II




everyday life, real media, television, reality show


We had a habit of grasping the television as a window to the world or to life, whose telegenic framework was in line with our expectations before the conditions of our existence. We were told what to see, in a given view, and the visible world was coming down to-one scenic focus. But now there's no walls, no loopholes that keep such openings in the hyper-globalized world, whose state of over-information makes tangible its numerous breaks. Jean Baudrillard understood this new communication fact in terms of immanent promiscuity and perpetual connection. The prospects that we have today reveal an oversized world, giver of all our fantasies. Airflow caused by the decomposition of the conventional media frames thereby introducing a new communicative practice, irretrievable: the defenestration; the appeal to empty, or more precisely the fascination with what Georges Bataille understood in terms of lost intimacy and original continuity: stick to the world in a vital engagement, like mud sticks to mud.


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Joron, P. (2012). A transpiração do quotidiano ou os poros do real mediático. Comunicação E Sociedade, 21, 241–248. https://doi.org/10.17231/comsoc.21(2012).712