Pantallas en la sociedad audiovisual: edu-comunicación y nuevas competencias


  • José Aguaded Universidade de Huelva
  • Ángel Hernando-Gómez Universidade de Huelva
  • Amor Pérez Universidade de Huelva



audiovisual competence, edu-comunication, media, ICT, media literacy


We are all aware that we live in a complex society at the start of a new millennium. Paradoxically, the more we consume communication on a large scale, the more we experience a profound crisis of communication because the audiovisual reinforces a new culture of the image in which appearance, spectacularity and the mosaic predominate. A new context for education is urgently required to face this audiovisual panorama, and media education is the key to understanding these new languages of communication. We need to instruct all citizens to acquire “audiovisual competence”, providing them with the necessary aptitudes and attitudes to give us strength in our dealings with the media in a rational, intelligent and playful way.


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Aguaded, J., Hernando-Gómez, Ángel, & Pérez, A. (2012). Pantallas en la sociedad audiovisual: edu-comunicación y nuevas competencias. Comunicação E Sociedade, 21, 217–230.