Studying the political economy of media and information


  • Janet Wasko Universidade de Oregon



Political economy, communications, information, cultural industries, United States


Studying the political economy of communications is no longer a marginal approach in media/communication studies in North America and some parts of Europe. Increasingly, the study of political economy is crucial to understanding the growth and global expansion of media and information industries. Thus, more researchers have turned to this perspective as a necessary and logical way to study these developments. This article will discuss the foundations and some of the major works in the study of the political economy of media and communications (PE/C). The focus is mostly on North American and Britain, with some European references. The discussion is intended to present an overview of the development of this approach, as well as providing a few examples of research representing the perspective. A brief discussion of the approach’s relationship to media economics and cultural studies also will be included.


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Wasko, J. (2005). Studying the political economy of media and information. Comunicação E Sociedade, 7, 25–48.



Cruzamentos teóricos: a economia, a política, o poder, o ciberespaço