Discursos do exótico nas revistas femininas: uma análise dos ‘outros’ do Pós-Feminismo

  • Cláudia Álvares Universidade Lusófona
Palavras-chave: exotism, women’s magazines, discourse of gender, critical discourse analysis, neo-liberal ideology


In this paper we apply critical discourse analysis to a selection of articles about exoticism published in the magazines 'Cosmo' and 'Máxima' between March 2008 and March 2009, aiming to understand the discursive strategies used in the construction of a feminine normative identity through naturalisation and reinforcement of stereotypes related to alterity. Starting with a linguistic analysis of the features, characteristics and qualities associated with the exoticism, and which are used in the construction of an image of femininity appealing to consumption, we discuss how the discourse of gender articulated in the magazines is related to the post-feminist paradigm. In particular, we question how the emphasis on the personal welfare as a direct result of individual, rather than a collective responsibility contributes to disseminate a neo-liberal ideology based on individualism and the celebration of freedom of choice, both deeply associated with the capitalist consumption culture.


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Álvares, C. (2012). Discursos do exótico nas revistas femininas: uma análise dos ‘outros’ do Pós-Feminismo. Comunicação E Sociedade, 21, 151-164. https://doi.org/10.17231/comsoc.21(2012).706
II. No género e na heterossexualidade: exotismo, ossificação, guerra e acasalamento