O corpo masculino na Publicidade: uma discussão contemporânea

  • Soraya Januário Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • António Cascais Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Palavras-chave: body, masculinity, advertising, consumer culture


This article is intended to identify some characteristics of body exposure, particularly of the masculine in Advertising. The proposal is to analyze their portrayal by the advertising market. We will focus our research on issues related to body exposure and to the representation of masculinity. Through a content and semiological analysis, our intention is to understand the ways in which representations of masculinity are connected to body image appropriations. We will focus on the authors, and social and cultural tendencies that will enable us to clarify the paradoxes characteristic of this topic today. Our discussion is based on theories about the body, as established by Marcel Mauss, Michel Foucault and David Le Breton. For a perspective on studies on masculinity, we investigate the thinking of Robert Connel and Sean Nixon.


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Januário, S., & Cascais, A. (2012). O corpo masculino na Publicidade: uma discussão contemporânea. Comunicação E Sociedade, 21, 123-148. https://doi.org/10.17231/comsoc.21(2012).705
I. No masculino e no feminino: valores, identidades, pulsões, desejo e corpo