Género e carreiras artísticas na emergente indústria cultural brasileira

  • Raphael Bispo PPGAS/ Museu Nacional/ Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Palavras-chave: gender, artistic careers, television, stigmas, performance


This article investigates the life histories of women who participated in the consolidation of the entertainment industry at a time of great cultural effervescence in Brazil. The analysis is based on the artistic careers of the chacretes, the dancers who helped the host Abelardo Barbosa, Chacrinha, on shows in Brazilian television between the 1960 and 1980. From a field work conducted in Rio de Janeiro, we intend to discuss the experiences they had from this type of career choice. To be a “woman of TV” has affected their daily lives in different ways, redefining social bonds, projects and expectations. The central argument is that the chacretes who have assumed the social performance of a “bitch”, formulated around their media and public figures, had more prestige and social distinction among his peers in the disputed and unstable artistic career on TV.


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Bispo, R. (2012). Género e carreiras artísticas na emergente indústria cultural brasileira. Comunicação E Sociedade, 21, 79-94. https://doi.org/10.17231/comsoc.21(2012).701
I. No masculino e no feminino: valores, identidades, pulsões, desejo e corpo