GTFO!! - Positioning as interaction strategy in MMORPG communication


  • Birgit Swoboda



Positioning, pragmatics, discourse analysis, MMORPGs, CMC


OMG! Lol n00b :)! When gamers, especially of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) like World of Warcraft®, talk to one another they adapt language to their needs, as do all speakers. It is a common misconception that expressions such as smileys, acronyms and neologisms are a deterioration of current language. On the contrary, they can be regarded as instances of creativity, efficiency and in-group markers. Moreover, these expressions help gamers to position themselves in conversations, thus they can be regarded as active interaction strategies in the gaming discourse. But while communication is of crucial importance to achieve goals and for role-playing in MMORPGs, there are many communicative challenges for gamers, such as high-stress situations, missing paralinguistic cues and intercultural obstacles. By reference to an online-questionnaire, a self-compiled corpus and theories of pragmatics this paper sheds light on interaction strategies used by MMORPG-gamers.


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Swoboda, B. (2015). GTFO!! - Positioning as interaction strategy in MMORPG communication. Comunicação E Sociedade, 27, 151-166.



Comunicação, Teoria dos Videojogos e Diálogos (Inter)Mediáticos