Strategical communication as a method


  • Pål B. Horsle Norwegian Business School



Strategical communication, planning, implementation


This article presents a way of thinking and planning strategic communications step by step. But even though the term step is used, the process must not always follow the sequence shown here. Often it may be necessary to go backwards and forwards to adjust the steps in relation to each other. This applies not least to the choice of target groups, the determination of sub-objectives, the selection of the main procedures and the level of ambition. But regardless of the sequence, no step should be omitted. The overall focus is effectiveness in order to what extent objectives is reached. This article is based upon my experience and as responsible for exercising approximately 50 strategies primarily within the public sector, in addition to use of The Norwegian Central Government Information Policy. Which is as a fact the only public information policy in the whole world which is implemented. Of this reason this article could be interpreted rather normative than empirical theoretic.


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Horsle, P. B. (2005). Strategical communication as a method. Comunicação E Sociedade, 8, 19–37.



Comunicação estratégica no sector público