Respect for privacy begins when gathering information

  • Paulo Martins Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (ISCSP) - Universidade de Lisboa
Palavras-chave: Privacy, gathering information, public interest, public figures, ordinary citizens


The news treatment of issues at risk of invading the private sphere calls for an evaluation of the underlying public interest. The exercise of balancing values - right to information and right to privacy – occurs not only at the time of information transmission; it must be observed since the process of collecting, in order to reduce the damage caused. This article raises questions such as contact with citizens, including children, the conduct of journalists in trauma situations, voluntary exposure of privacy by public or anonymous figures, as well as hearing people under charges and the use of unconventional research methods, which may cause privacy violations. Taking closely into account the standards set in ethical instruments, this reflection covers specific cases.


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Martins, P. (2014). Respect for privacy begins when gathering information. Comunicação E Sociedade, 25, 186-201.
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